In the last four years, our District 7 has suffered from homelessness, trash, vandalism and many residents feel unsafe in their neighborhoods. It’s time for a positive change in District 7. We need an experienced and independent City Councilmember who will work for everyone in our diverse community. I am an independent candidate, and I will take no campaign donations from any special interest group. I will improve communication between the Council Office and our neighborhoods, and make sure that problems are solved in a timely manner.


As the next City Councilwoman from District 7, I will focus on these issues:



Promote fiscal accountability/transparency and communicate regularly with our neighborhoods on city issues.

Yoga Class


Expand more activities for seniors, neighborhoods, small businesses, families and students.

Building a House


Build more Affordable Housing. I support our General Plan, which commits to building 25,000 new homes with 10,000 homes dedicated to Affordable Housing.

Image by Daniel van den Berg


Provide individual solutions to our homeless problem. There is no one program that will solve this issue. I will fight to provide transitional housing to those who have just lost their home. We must also bring more resources to those who suffer from long-term homelessness and who need medical and mental health assistance, and those who suffer from substance abuse problems. I will keep the community safe and clean, and I will work to resolve the chronic homeless problem in our neighborhoods.

Security Guard


Enhance public safety and reduce crime by adding more police patrols, community service officers, and neighborhood watch groups to neighborhoods.

Image by Denys Nevozhai


Reduce traffic and repair our city streets. 

Image by Jeswin Thomas


Support small businesses with resources and create more job opportunities. Partner with neighboring cities to bring high paying jobs to San Jose.

City Garden


Improve our city parks and protect our open spaces.

Fists in Solidarity


Partner with the city and the school districts to provide internship jobs and after school activities for our students as alternatives to gangs and drugs. 

I have worked and supported Latino and Vietnamese parents associations and students in our district and continue to work collaboratively with different neighborhood associations,  community leaders and organizations.   I will find partners and resources to improve the Vietnamese heritage garden, Little Saigon, and Latino projects that beautify our community and promote our diverse cultures. I will hire bilingual staff in Vietnamese and Spanish to help in the community.

Most importantly, I will always be listening to the concerns of our community and find common sense solutions to address the challenges in our district.

Paid for by Van Le for City Council 2022 FPPC #1442266